Our Home: Wood Stove

I have a long running obsession with wood stoves. Being able to watch a crackling fire that gives me all the good warm hygge feelings, but that also seriously and efficiently heats my house is just right on point for me. Call it an obsession with multitasking. Undoubtedly, the wood stove is going to be a central hub of our future home.

I’m no newbie when it comes to heating a house with wood. Our Slovenian house used to have an enormous ceramic bread oven that heated our house. While the heat was soft and comfortable, it really bothered me that I couldn’t see the fire, and to be honest, keeping that fire going was a challenge. A dirty one. So we ripped it out and replaced it with a modern wood stove (see before and after pictures below). I loved that stove. There was nothing like waking up early, starting a fire, and sipping coffee under blankets in the cold early hours.

When we first started thinking about the stove we were going to put in the new house, my gut reaction was “go modern again, duh”. I love the look of a modern stove. “Nordic Farmhouse” is absolutely that vibe we’re going for inside the house so it seemed like a natural fit.

They’re so sleek, simple, and classy. I love them. Here’s what I’ve learned about modern wood stoves: most only have a maximum log length of around 12 - 14”. My contractor refers to them as “twig stoves”. We’ve already got our wood ready for the next few years and the logs are larger than these stoves can handle. So I started opening my mind to alternatives.

A few more eccentric varieties that I’ve considered in the past:

Each of these is quite a LOOK. I love them, especially that first classic Malm fireplace, but timeless is the word repeating in my mind throughout this process. Enter the classic stove.

Now we’re talking — a look that really sets the tone of the house to be cozy, comfortable, and casual. Come sit down. Grab a fuzzy blanket. Put your feet up, we’re not fancy. Need a drink? That’s the vibe I’m going for.

We seem to have settled on this beautiful Jøtul. I love the language of the lines and the handle. It’s romantic, efficient, and seriously solid. I feel warm just looking at the product photo.


Now excuse me while I go dream of early mornings with a hot cup of coffee, a fuzzy blanket, one of the Outlander series books, and a fire in this baby. And while I’m gone, tell me — what would you pick?

[All images found via pinterest and Jotul]