Catching my breath


Except every time I take a breath, I cough. Caught a cold going on 3 weeks now. Somebody help.

The past 6 weeks have been intense. My doctor asked me how I was handling all of the stress and emotion (pregnancy, move, miscarriage, layoffs - I’m ok, FYI). I responded that it’s either process it or just stop functioning at this point. My brain literally can’t handle thinking about all those things at the same time.

So I don’t.

Instead I eat dark chocolate with blueberries in bed…

Watch copious amounts of Sailing La Vagabonde

Cook up my own adventures in my head…

Spend time putting together delicious meals in my beautiful new kitchen (inspired by)…

And work up the courage to start writing and creating again…

I’ll be writing on as well as here from now on. I pulled my old blog out of where things on the internet go to die and I already feel a bit lighter. I’m planning to keep the personal stuff over there from now on and projects and recipes here. <3

Graphic Art (series 2)


Marie Antoinette Print by me

Long sleeve & hoodie design by me

Graphic Art (series 1)

Recent graphic artwork.