Lake Life... So Far

So, I've been at this lake for a few days now and I'm considering just pitching a tent on the land and never leaving. Yesterday we floated all day on the most enormous floatie (yes, floatie) I have ever seen. We jet skied, they caught fresh water salmon which I honestly had no idea was even a thing, and lounged around in the sun. The water is so clear you can see all the way to the bottom and it feels like a refreshing swimming pool. 

We've been watching a lot of the olympics but my friend/roommate/teammate who graciously brought me up here and I are partial to swimming, obviously. 

It made me think about how long it has been since I've competitively swam and although I don't miss college athletics I do miss the sport I spent so much of my time doing. Clearly the olympics has something to do with it because it's the only time in 4 years that people even pay attention to swimming. So, I decided this morning after waking up with paralyzing period cramps (TMI but whatever) that I was going to get in the water. Now, today it has been pretty much 100% overcast and 65 degrees. Not ideal for a first time swim in a while but honestly when you're feeling really crappy with the back pains and the bloating and the cramps swimming really does help because you feel almost weightless in the water. 

I dragged my friend Evan who by the way is still a swimmer at the U into the cold water with me and off we went. My stroke isn't where it used to be but it felt so good just to be in a cap and goggles again.

Please enjoy the snapchats to your right as they are currently on my story (kenzamiriam) and I encourage anyone who is interested in starting/continuing swimming to look at the best 2 piece/one piece suit brand Jolyn. I absolutely love these suits and I have surfed, swam open water and done countless practices in them and they are still going strong.