The Girl With Branches On Her Back

By Kenza

There once was a girl with long brown hair

and when she walked past people would stare

she didn’t quite understand why

until she looked up at the sky

she asked the sun the moon and stars

if people were staring at her scars

the stars the moon and the sun 

all laughed and said one by one

‘my dear they stare at your heart,

your soul, and scars are all one part’

she decided right then and there

that if people truly were to stare

then she would give them art to see

and drew tattoos, one, two and three

the girl had one she liked the best 

and when she showed them her bare chest

then turned around for all to see

the crossed branches from the ash tree

one branch barren and without leaves

one branch budding with tons of seeds

acknowledging that like the one 

with no more leaves and it’s life done 

that part of her would never be

blooming again from the ash tree

but like the branch with buds and life 

despite her tears and pain and strife

part of her would live again 

new and sprouting until the end 



*I write a lot of poems like this. I'll post them from time to time and hopefully you guys enjoy it! It's a great outlet and it yields something nice.