Working Girl

Easy Leftover Jar for Lunch On The Go!

By Kenza

In my quest to keep track of exactly what I'm eating, get healthy, and save some money, I am packing my own lunch more and more for school and work. While Camilla was here last month, she roasted up some sweet potatoes and I baked a chicken breast. I looked in my fridge this morning and realized I could make a leftover jar and add some avocado, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. I have lids that fit on the glass so I can put it in my bag and hit the road, but a mason jar or glass tupperware would work just as well. It's easy, healthy, and it feels good using up yummy leftovers!

I filled up my water bottle (with water of course), grabbed a tangerine and voila! It should also be noted that with the amount of Lululemon I buy (it's a problem, I'm working on it), I have an overload of Lululemon bags and these make awesome lunch bags. Don't throw them away! They last forever.

What do you pack for lunch? Please share in the comments!