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Weekly Workout Check-In 4/52

By Camilla

Woohoo! Month one is done! I'm so happy I exercised consistently for a full month. It's a very big deal for me, especially given the fact that I had to run in snow, freezing temps, get in Nike workouts late at night in a very small room, deal with brutal cramps and distracting home renovations. All of those thing would have previously served as the perfect excuse NOT to get a workout in. But not anymore! Next month I'm challenging myself to focus on my yoga practice (more on that in a couple of days - I hope you'll join me!) and I'm thinking of maybe even vlogging my weekly workout check-ins... is that totally lame? We'll see. Anyways. Here's this week's update:

What I did —

Friday: 2.14 mile run/trail run. NTC Dream Team (45 min). I pushed it a little harder this day because I knew that the weekend was going to be filled with family and housework. It was hard, and I was actually pretty sore after, but it felt so good.

Saturday: Stacked bricks. More info in this week's email newsletter. :)

Sunday: Cleaned the entire house from top to bottom. More tiring than it sounds. We're talking scrubbing ceilings and walls and floors. 

Monday: 2.1 mile run. After the weekend I was itching to get out and get my run on. It felt good and solid and strong. 

Tuesday: Hiked the dogs for 45 minutes up a very steep hill. I sat down at one point and just closed my eyes and felt so grateful for the moment and for my body. I feel it getting stronger everyday.

Wednesday: Nothing. Well not exactly nothing. I lifted Ikea furniture and built a couch, a table, and some other stuff. Wish I had done an ab set before bed, but I was pretty spent from the day.

Thursday: 2.06 mile run/trail run. Trail running is so much harder for me than road running. Still, I'm determined to get better at it.

What I learned —

This week was sort of a big personal challenge for me. Usually distractions like big house projects and extra family time completely throw me off of whatever workout plan I'm on. I typically use it as an excuse to stop completely and I can never get started again. Which is why I was really proud of myself for doing a bit of extra work on Friday to make up for what I already knew was going to happen over the weekend. And the fact that I got right back to it on Monday, despite being completely worn down by the weekend housework says a lot about my commitment to myself. Maybe it seems insignificant on the outside, but I really believe that this is the year that I get back to myself.

Now that the first month is done, I am already seeing changes to my body and I'll be honest, it feels great. My legs are more toned, my abs are definitely coming back, and the muscles in my arms are definitely developing. But what feels equally good, if not better, is the fact that I can feel my body getting so much stronger. I have more control over my body just in everyday situations, whether it's building Ikea furniture or hiking or even just moving around. It feels so good to feel stronger. I guess I didn't realize after all these years of being out of shape how bad it really feels. I've still got a long way to go but I'm very happy with the progress I have made!

Jam of the week: Sugar by Robin Schulz feat. Francesco Yates. I dare you to try not to bob your head up and down while you listen to this song. It's so catchy. Almost too catchy. But whatever, it's the perfect running song for my pace. 

Weekly Workout Check-In

By Kenza

I got sick last week and since then I've been trying to workout and simultaneously stay healthy which is hard. 

One of my classes this semester is a yoga class (which I seriously recommend doing because it's for credit and it's like two birds with one stone) so I sort of HAVE to do yoga at least twice a week. 

So this is how my week went:

Monday: walk/running on the treadmill for 30 minutes

Tuesday: yoga for 50 minutes

Wednesday: elliptical for 30 minutes

Thursday: yoga for 50 minutes, elliptical for 25 minutes

* Also, I started feeling kind of chilly/feverish after my elliptical on Thursday so while my friend was doing the stair stepper I literally sat on a stationary bike and watched The Parent Trap on the machine TV. I had not one ounce of shame and I'm still not sorry.

I'm still pretty sick but I wanted to stay active so I wouldn't have to start at square one once I got healthier. But it's important to remember that if you're not feeling well, you shouldn't push yourself too hard. Normally, I lift weights but I didn't do it this week because I think it would have pushed me too hard.  

Weekly Workout Check-In 3/52

By Camilla

So, I made a decision that I'm only going to write down what I do daily for the first month of my workouts. I will still do weekly check-ins but without being so specific about what I'm actually doing. I read an article about how easy it is to become disordered about fitness — basically that it becomes sort of an addiction and it can ultimately stress you out more, and I can see that becoming a problem for me as far as it becoming a negative thing in my life. Keeping track like this is a great way to kickstart my workout journey and hold me accountable, but I want to make sure I stay balanced about it all in the long run. Plus I think it would be fun to switch up my check-in style each month. That being said, here's this week's check-in:

What I did — 

Friday: Hike (60 min). NTC Fire Drill (45 min) — super hard to motivate myself since I felt like crap all day (cramps, ya know). 

Saturday: Yoga (50 min) — finally motivated myself do to a real yoga session. I love Eoin Finn and I did his Easy Street session (need to start slow) in Pursuit of Happy Hips. My body thanked me for it later and I slept like a rock.

Sunday: 2.08 mile run on the road/back through the forest, which is much harder. Bor, our neighbor labrador, joined us and Odin was way too excited which made the run even harder for me. NTC Dynamic Yoga (15 min).

Monday: 2.13 mile run, it was so cold, holy moly. The cold is really starting to get to me. I'm not a natural runner and getting out there in 20 degree weather is really challenging.

Tuesday: NTC Sweat and Shape (30 min). I was planning on a hike as well, but the day got away from me and I'm not beating myself up over it.

Wednesday: 2.00 mile  forest run/hike. Ran about 1.4 miles and hiked uphill 0.6 miles. Again, the cold is a major bummer.

Thursday: Got 3 cavities filled (I have genetically soft teeth, don't judge me), and felt like garbage the rest of the day. Pushed my 45 minute NTC Dream Team workout until tomorrow. Drank a beer instead.

What I learned —

Yoga is so, so important. After I finally did a real session on Saturday I slept like a baby and my run didn't hurt at all the next day. I always enjoy it when I do it, it's just the motivating that seems so hard to do.

Still working on that crow pose. I've got one foot up but I'm terrified of hitting my head.

Water, water, water. Days go by and I realize I haven't even had a sip of water. It's not a good habit so I'm trying to get better about it. I used to be the queen of staying hydrated but it's pretty easy for things like that to change. 

In general, I had an easier time this week motivating myself to actually get my workouts done. Even on the days I really didn't WANT to do anything, I just did set aside some time and did it. 

Another trick I learned: when doing things like NTC workouts or stretching or ab sets, use it as a time to indulge a bit and put your favorite guilty pleasure TV show on while you do your workout. You'll actually start to look forward to your workout time because it means you get to see what corny things Ben the bachelor has said while still being productive.

One last thing: cavities suck and getting them filled put a real damper on my week.

Jam of the week: Lay it all on me by Rudimental feat. Ed Sheeran. Does anybody else just totally melt at the first sound of Ed Sheeran's voice?

Weekly Workout Check-In | 2/52

By Camilla


I'm actually not happy about this week. I'm glad I did some stuff, at least. I'm glad I fulfilled my Nike+ Training Club program workouts, but I felt like there were too many lazy days that I could have done better on. And looking back, I regret that I didn't put in at least 15 minutes of stretching, or a quick hike, or run or whatever on those days. We were traveling, which was tiring. Then my period started (and my period knocks me onto my ass for about 3 days before and after the start date), so I guess I should be proud that I did as much as I did. Oh well, already looking forward to a clean start next week!! Also, hello baby abs, are you coming back?? And how much do you love my new lululemon bra (got it on sale! free shipping!)? It keeps those puppies in place. OK, here we go...

What I did —

Friday: NOTHING — busy day/early meeting/should have done an ab set or stretched. Not sure why that's so hard for me to just put in 15 minutes or so before I go to bed. 

Saturday: Run 2.13 miles, hip hurt downhill instead of uphill which is weird. Probably from the 10000000 squats I did last week for NTC workouts. Cardio felt much much better. It's amazing how quickly things can start to feel comfortable. Still hard on the ice/snow.

Sunday: Hike (45 min)/NTC Dynamic Yoga (15 min)/NTC Alpha Abs (15 min). Felt strong. Loved it.

Monday: Germany for the day. Sat in a car for way too long and felt like crap. 

Tuesday: Hike (30 min)/NTC Sweat + Shape (30 min) — this is getting much, much easier for me. So much so that I can push each exercise and really try to focus on technique.

Wednesday: Run 2.13 miles. Forgot chapstick. Never doing that again.

Thursday: Planned on a hike but my killer cramps hit in the morning so I was out of commission most of the day. I did manage to get in the NTC Alpha Ab Set (15 min), which kills. Not enough for today.

Would have liked to get in one more run this week, but since I essentially took two days off it wasn't in the cards. Next week...

What I learned —

Stretching is really really important with running. Need to make actual long yoga sessions a priority.

I don't feel as good on days when I don't do any sort of activity. My goals include doing something active everyday, and some days it just doesn't work out, but I definitely feel it.

Side planks getting much, much better and it feels so good. And I can feel my crow pose forming. I think I really might be able to achieve that goal within the next 6 months. 

New motivation? I know I've been sleeping under a rock for like a decade but I've literally just discovered Dancing With The Stars and talk about motivation to get your body moving and fit and limber and all that good stuff. Man, so fun. 

I'm having some really intense sort of breakouts all over my body for whatever reason — maybe sweating? It's not fun and I hope it goes away soon

I tried really hard this week, despite being severely pre-menstrual to eat healthy, while still not being rude to people who invited us over. Smaller portions are the key. I did however eat 1.5 donuts this week because people kept bringing them to me. STOP IT, people. :)

Favorite Move: Squat hold — it burns so gooooood.

Least Favorite Move: Tricep dip. Literally fell on the ground while attempting to do a set this week. 

Jam of the week: Sorry by Justin Bieber (not sorry at all about it though). I've never been a huge fan of Justin Bieber, but this song as kept me going strong on my runs all week long. Thanks for that, little JB. Also this video? Look at those hot mamas moving their bodies like that! Talk about motivation...