Cold school days

By Kenza

Going to class on days where it's too warm to wear snow boots and too cold to just wear a sweater are probably one of the most annoying parts of going to school in a place where it snows. SO I have devised a full proof plan of action to combat these days. 

Also I know we've been pretty silent these past few weeks. I've been working on getting healthy again and Camilla is moving back to the states on Friday so we've been super busy but we're back now!!!


  • Research if the weather is going to change during the day, like if it starts out sunny and then suddenly there's inconvenience powder (snow) falling from the sky then you're not going to want to be in Nike Frees. 


  • Not like "off with his head" execution the other kind of execution. Throw something on that makes you happy, AKA yoga pants and a comfy sweater. I chose my Nike shoes to let part of my body breathe since I was wearing a warm coat and it looked pretty cool, like I had just left Denmark or something (at least that's what I told myself).


  • Layers are really important for days where you have no idea what the weather is going to be like. My big Pendleton coat keeps me warm but if I unzip it, a lot of breeze comes through. 

* DISCLAIMER: I like my cropped shirts and I was wearing high waisted Lululemon leggings SO it wasn't totally exposed... ;)