2016 Legislative Gala: Makeup Overview

By Kenza

The 2016 Legislative Gala at the Grand America hotel in Salt Lake City was quite the affair. I got there at 3 to help set up (yay interns!) and despite feeling like complete sick-y crap I managed to pull myself together for long enough to look mildly human. 

This is how I started the makeup/hair transformation and also how I usually look everyday 

This is how I started the makeup/hair transformation and also how I usually look everyday 

I had puffy eyelids from being sick (which has never happened to me before), so putting on makeup was interesting. 

Ahh. The makeup box. Seriously it's usually more organized than that but I didn't have much time to get ready because Victoria's Secret was having a sale on bras ($30 for a new bra and panties, like what am I not supposed to drop everything and go to that. Please). So I come back and wash my face and begin the process. 

Super pretty, right? Also that happens to be the new bra I bought so ya it was worth it. 

When it's time for me to look REALLY special I break out the contour/strobing depending on how formal it is. Usually I just strobe for a night out to bring out some highlight but when the word gala is involved I feel like it's an excuse to put on some shadows too. 

- I'm using Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Stick Trio found at Sephora or on this link

The reason I like this particular product is because I'm not a huge fan of powder, it doesn't really hold to my skin so well and I like that I can mush and move these cream based beauties around as much as I want. In addition, my skin is olive toned so it doesn't really show up on my face as much as it would if I had lighter skin. It's nice because I'm a huge fan of the natural look, and let's face it contouring isn't the most natural look out there, but when done right I really think it can be beautiful and subtle. 

So! My skin was done. I had to do my eyes. 

Camilla and I are smokey eye fans, we believe it's a perfect go-to look for going out, or if you taper it down it can be perfect for a work function. So I popped open my Naked by Urban Decay palette and began smokey-ing my eyes. 


I was very sick, not feeling my eyelids at all BUT I managed to make it out the door. I had to change at the event so I packed my bags (and some antihistamines) in my purse and head off to the Gala. 

Here's what the finished outfit looked like:

So! I'll be doing a series on fancy work things. 

My next one will be strobing with a liiiiittle help from powder (eek!) so I'll be showing you guys my going out face! 

Does that sound weird? I feel like that sounds weird.