My Dream Home — Wood Stoves

By Camilla

I probably spend too much time daydreaming about different rooms in my future home. Someday soon, Damir and I hope to begin building a house, but until we're there it doesn't feel too unreasonable to research things like kitchen countertops and to find the perfect canopy bed. Right? RIGHT? A girl's gotta reach for the stars.

So one thing we know for sure is we want a wood stove in our home where we can see the actual fire. We currently have a giant bread oven in our tiny Slovenian cabin and while it's very efficient, we miss the romance of seeing the flames And we'll likely have to change it in the next few years. More than anything, we want the thing to actually heat our future home with limited smoke and ash, but also let's face it, these things end up being design statements. And why not make a good one? Here are some of my favorite the wood stoves of the moment:


I love how each of these is the focal point of the room. I especially love how on the first image, the actual storage of the wood for the oven becomes a very cool display — very geometric. But I also really appreciate the functionality of the one that allows you to cook in it (all the homemade bread I could make!).