Mononucleosis: The Beginning of the End

By Kenza

Holy crap. Mono suuuuuuuuuucks. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been diagnosed with Mononucleosis and Tonsillitis which apparently go hand in hand. I was feeling kind of tired lately, a little sick and chilly but nothing too bad until on Sunday morning it felt like Satan himself was crawling up my throat. Naturally, I went to the urgent care with the sneaking suspicion that I had Strep, which is terrible but they give you some antibiotics and send you on your way and you're better in no time. 

After hours of waiting and blood being drawn and my throat swabbed, the test results came back. Mono. Who had given it to me, where can I find their parents address so I can write a very strongly worded letter about the dangers of spreading germs. I was angry, upset, kind of tired and really thirsty. 

They sent me home with steroids to get my throat to stop closing in on itself and they basically all said "good luck". 

Nope. Tuesday morning, back in the doctors office only now they send me to the ER because my I'm dehydrated, have tachycardia, nasty white horror lining the back of my throat and I can't walk anywhere without a little help. Peeing is fun. So let the tests resume. 

The list continues: 

  • IV of fluids

  • IV pain medication 

  • Ultrasound to see just how enlarged my spleen is 

  • Cute attending physician probing me to find an abscess in my throat (not a great conversation starter) 

Anyway, I got hydrated. 

They gave me a prescription for anti-nausea medication, Oxycodone for my really gross throat, and to continue the steroids and come back if it gets worse. There is literally nothing they can do for you except treat your symptoms and tell you not to do anything that might rupture your spleen because that's really bad. 

Anyway, now I'm in bed. I don't like Oxycodone, I get sick on it and swallowing pills seems to be a little too hard anyway.