Gift Guide | The Overwhelmed New Mama

As a new mother who just hit the six week mark, I can honestly say I would die for each and every one of these gifts. Especially that face mask. It's SO important to take time for yourself (even if it's just 5 minutes doing breathing exercises in the bathroom), and I think all of these gift ideas help an overwhelmed new mother do just that. Other non-material gift ideas include meals (I have the best friends here who brought us food every night for a week), holding the baby while mama takes a shower/nap/bathroom break/drinks coffee, just coming over for adult conversation because talking to a newborn all day can get pretty dull. 

Moroccan Rose Candle - $34

Because candles can momentarily solve any problem.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask - $58

The best mask I've ever tried. New mamas need that instant glow!

Sweater Robe - $68

A robe that's also a sweater making it acceptable to wear a robe in public. Count me in. 

Chunky Knit Throw - $70

For those long days on the couch nursing and calming a crying babe. 

Hydro Flask H2O Bottle - $47

Nursing and child rearing in general require serious hydration.

Pretty Gold Necklace - $36

Because she deserves it. :) (hint hint)