Future Home

My Dream Home — Sand Creek Post & Beam

By Camilla

Ever since I was a little kid, the idea of a "barn home" has been drilled into my head as an ideal living situation. My mother is a huge fan of these open concept, prefab structures as primary residences, having grown up herself riding horses in fabulous barns. As much as I tried to resist when I was younger, I am finally willing to admit that my mother has excellent taste in just about everything. She was right and continues to be. These homes are exactly what I dream of living in when the time comes. I love the openness, the high ceilings, and especially the look. 

22x60 Ponderosa Country Barn via Sand Creek Post & Beam

22x60 Ponderosa Country Barn via Sand Creek Post & Beam

Now that building a house is actually something we need to start thinking about, saving for, and planning, I find myself looking at Sand Creek Post & Beam homes on a daily basis. I definitely think this is the way we're going to go. Pre-fab all the way, baby. There's huge flexibility with these homes as well, given the very simple structure. We can customize it to our liking as much as we want and I really like that idea. As far as I can tell, the pricing on the kits are quite reasonable. Depending on what kind of labor costs we're looking at and what finishes we choose, I feel like this is an actual viable option for us. I think they're so cool and comfortable. I wish I could order one right now.

The company is a family-owned based out of Nebraska. They're environmentally conscious, and will plant 10 trees in your name with an order! I love that. The homes are pre-manufactured in Nebraska and then deconstructed and shipped to wherever you are, which minimizes labor costs. Things not included in the kit are roofing materials, site prep, HVAC, plumbing and electrical, doors and windows, finishes, and foundation. Oh and rocking chairs and hanging potted plants that I intend to put right up on that porch. 

All images lovingly taken from Sand Creek Post & Beam. Go check out their site for more information! And follow them on Facebook for daily reminders about how cool life would be in one of these homes. I'm gonna do everything I can to make this a reality for us in the next few years! 

For more posts about My Dream Home, click here. Also I'm hoping to get out to our land soon and snap some pictures to share with you all to document the progress over the next few years!

My Dream Home — Wood Stoves

By Camilla

I probably spend too much time daydreaming about different rooms in my future home. Someday soon, Damir and I hope to begin building a house, but until we're there it doesn't feel too unreasonable to research things like kitchen countertops and to find the perfect canopy bed. Right? RIGHT? A girl's gotta reach for the stars.

So one thing we know for sure is we want a wood stove in our home where we can see the actual fire. We currently have a giant bread oven in our tiny Slovenian cabin and while it's very efficient, we miss the romance of seeing the flames And we'll likely have to change it in the next few years. More than anything, we want the thing to actually heat our future home with limited smoke and ash, but also let's face it, these things end up being design statements. And why not make a good one? Here are some of my favorite the wood stoves of the moment:


I love how each of these is the focal point of the room. I especially love how on the first image, the actual storage of the wood for the oven becomes a very cool display — very geometric. But I also really appreciate the functionality of the one that allows you to cook in it (all the homemade bread I could make!).