By Camilla

Cancel your plans this weekend, pop some corn over the stove, grab a drink, and settle in for a 4-episode marathon of Michael Pollan's new docu-series, Cooked. 

There are a LOT of documentaries about food out there. I've seen most of them and it's all a bit overwhelming. Most of them leave you feeling scared of an ingredient - gluten, sugar, meat. If you're like me, you watch them and then make a short-lived promise to give up gluten, sugar, or meat (my weekday vegetarianism has actually stuck since October). Most of what's out there are all about what we need to abstain from to be healthy. But I think that is a very sad way to go about life. We should be looking at it from a perspective of what brings us health and energy and joy and nourishment. 

Whether or not you're religious, the very fact that something so fundamental to our survival as a civilization is actually delicious and brings us joy - well that's a gift, if you ask me. I do believe in God, and I believe that grain is a glorious gift from God, and it's a real shame and almost an insult to vilify bread in this day and age when it's kept our species alive for millenia and when it's so nutritious and good. 

This docu-series is a game changer for me. I love the approach, the historical and geographical perspectives, the stories and the editing. I personally believe this is where we need to get to as a society in our views on food. Many years ago I felt a strong pull to eat healthy, non-processed, and thoughtfully. But it's easy to go too far with that idea, where you become scared of something as sweet and harmless as a slice of birthday cake. It's also easy to go too far in the opposite direction, just eating whatever you want without thinking about what might be in it, or the conditions in which it might be raised. There is a middle ground. And I believe this documentary really points to it.

Food is a gift. It is good. Find the joy in it. Don't restrict, don't only look for ways to fuel. Enjoy good meals with good ingredients. Eat fresh bread with good butter, guilt free. Go for evening walks with your friends and family after dinner because it's healthy and because it's fun. Eat pancakes on Sundays and always try to find the balance. Those are my goals.

Soapbox rant = over