College Life

The Past 3 Or So Years

By Kenza

I feel like I haven't talked a lot about my personality. I'm a talker for sure, but just to catch you guys up on the last (about) 3 years of college I thought I'd throw up some pictures in (rough) chronological order. 

Freshman Year: 

I was 18, on an NCAA Division I swim team and  living in a new state. I was extremely enthusiastic about some things and hated other things. I was mildly enigmatic (but let's face it, I still am). I swam my first college race, went to my first college football game, threw up at my first college party, fell down the stairs at my first college party (same night, super proud), discovered that Photobooth is still hilarious with the right people. 

Sophomore Year: 

I quit swimming, tried to be a student, didn't know how to be just a student, my roommates moved away (if you're reading this I'm still pissed about that), climbed Angel's Landing in Zion, went skydiving, road tripped to California and tried charcuterie (well as it turns out I had already tried it but I really wanted to use that word so). 

Junior Year:

Well, now I'm a junior. Earlier this year I dressed up at a nameless Kardashian for Halloween (it worked everybody got it, shut up Camilla), I worked on a mayoral campaign, I got a subsequent internship with the Utah Democratic Party, road tripped to Tucson, turned 21 in Tucson, got a tattoo, got a Subaru, learned how to make crockpot tortilla soup, had a rough breakup, moved into an awesome apartment, started Minna x Bug with Camilla and discovered that Utah has this thing where you drive through and order any kind of giant soda you want and a cookie IT'S A SODA/COOKIE DRIVE-THRU!!! 

So, there's just a little more about me. Thank God for social media so that I could find these pictures from years ago.