I'm at a lake!

Lake Pend Oreille in Northern Idaho to be exact. It's a beautiful and massive lake surrounded by pine trees and pure air. The wildlife in this area is amazing, within the first 30 minutes of being at the cabin (which by the way requires a 30 minute jet ski/boat ride to get to) a massive bald eagle flew above us, which I took as a patriotic message regarding the olympics. 

There will be many lake posts to come I wanted to let you guys know where I am because seriously it is one of the most amazing places I've ever been to. The history of this lake is so cool, it's one of the deepest lakes in the country and the navy has a submarine base here! I didn't realize how much I needed to just be in nature and almost completely (besides wifi) cut off from my regular life. I think it'll be a restorative experience and I feel so lucky that I get to be here.