When My Sister Came Home For The Weekend

I know I'm a few weeks late here - but forgive me. I'm getting more and more pregnant by the hour and I need to prioritize things like watching Game of Thrones and hiking my dog and stuff like that. You get it, right?

Anyways... I want to tell you about my sister's visit home, which was so long ago now, I can't even remember most of it. Basically, I had a rough week involving my blind cat somehow getting stuck on my parents VERY high roof, a broken tooth, an ultrasound that required a follow-up scan — I was fried and totally emotionally spent. My sister heard my desperation on the phone and booked a ticket immediately out here just to have a fun weekend together. I almost cried on the phone when she told me. Ok, I did cry a little. I'll be honest, I hate that she is so far away. I know it's not across the world anymore or anything, but I can't stand not getting to do things with her all the time. So to have her home for even a few days was such a treat. What follows is a series of pictures from her weekend at home. We went for walks, BBQd, made s'mores, played with the animals, watched Felicity, and soaked up time together. I wish every weekend was like this!!

Odin was seriously so happy to see her. He has a major crush on his auntie. She's got a major crush on him too. The love between them is very real. 

My dad cooked one of our favorite meals - grilled steak kebabs (with his secret spice rub), served with couscous and green apples, spicy homemade harissa (another secret family recipe), and a big green salad. For dessert we whipped out the s'mores stuff and sat by the fire until we got sleepy. This is the stuff summer dreams are made of. 

Come back soon, Kenza!!! We miss you too much when you're gone.