My First 1st Trimester

By Camilla

I really shouldn't complain about my first trimester. I didn't have a job. My husband and in-laws were immensely helpful. I had a nice warm home to cuddle up in and watch lots of Netflix. Things were pretty cushy and easy for me. And yet, as I'm nearing the end of the last week, I get the chills just thinking about it all. 

My first trimester was characterized by enormous, painful breasts (literally thought somebody was stabbing me at all times). There was immediate gagging and vomiting upon thinking about things like the refrigerator, dirty dishes, leeks, and, ugh, chicken. I had this brilliant vision in my head of taking light jogs and daily hikes while smiling and glowing through the forest, but just walking up the stairs got me out of breath, let alone dragging myself through several feet of snow and attempting not to slip on the ice. I didn't wear deodorant because I couldn't find any natural stuff in Slovenia so that was pretty. I watched an embarrassing amount of Netflix. I ate pretty much only caprese salads and grilled cheese sandwiches. I actually lost a pound over the first 11 weeks (I have more than made up for that since — nearing two hundo, folks!). And there was one pretty epic puke-through-the-nose-into-a-pile-of-dirt-in-pitch-black experience that will haunt me for some time. 

All I could think the entire time was "how on earth do women do this with jobs and other children and actual responsibilities other than getting themselves to the toilet or sink before throwing up everywhere"? Major props to all my mom friends out there. And to my own mom who worked a MORE than full time badass job while pregnant with both me and my sister. She tells tales of pulling over on the freeway to throw up during her hour long commute to work. Maybe it's easier to have a distraction from all the nausea and boob-stabbing pain and hormonally-induced worries that come in those first three months. Or maybe it just makes everything about 100x harder. Either way, women are freaking tough.

And yet the clichés are true. As soon as I got confirmation that all was well last week and I saw my little bug wiggling around, I was like, oh yeah, this is worth it.

So the nausea has let up. My energy levels are getting back to normal. My appetite has exploded and I want to eat everything anyone puts in front of me. If you eat lunch with me I might ask to finish your food, fair warning. My back is beginning to ache more often, which I expected given all my back issues from rowing. My nails are on fleek (is that still a thing?) and my skin has cleared up. And I finally feel like I can celebrate and be excited about this baby! Bring on the second trimester! 

Do I sound like a first time mom or what??