On the Eve of my 29th Birthday!

By Camilla

I'm turning 29 tomorrow and that thought sort of excites me and freaks me out. Because while my beloved 20's are coming to an end, I cannot wait for the next decade and all that it brings. I've been looking forward to my 30's for as long as I can remember so I'm not too upset about it all. Still, I want to make the most of my youth while I can and live it up! So, of course, because I never run out of things to say, here are a few thoughts...

Lessons From 28

  • Growing my own food is one of my top passions in life and it truly makes my body feel better. I surprised myself with what I accomplished in our garden and in our kitchen!

  • Sometimes taking a giant leap of faith is incredibly important, especially if it means prioritizing my marriage and my family. 

  • Never just pass by a sick kitty in the middle of the road. Never dismiss animals suffering as "a part of life". Do whatever I can to help and show them love. 

  • The forest is my happy place. 

  • With a little effort, and a lot of willpower, I can be the runner I've always wanted to be!

  • Still haven't figured out how to fall in love with yoga. 

  • Vegetarianism works for me. Or at least it mostly does. I've been eating meat just 2-3 times a month and loving it.

  • I'm ready to leave the selfish days of my 20s in the past and work on being a little more selfless, a little kinder, and a little more thoughtful.

  • Short hair is much, much easier to manage. 

  • Moving across the world to a new country in the middle of a forest not knowing the language and heating my home by wood was a HUGE transition for me. One that deserves a pat on the back. Sure, I feel guilty for not working or contributing to our finances right now, but that's what I gave up to be here and support my man. He'll return the favor someday. :)

Goals For 29

  • I'm already aware that 29 is going to be another year full of transitions. Another move back to the U.S., leaving our sweet home here in Slovenia, the summer Olympics, the horrid MCAT, new jobs (hopefully), and who knows what else? I want to face it all with grace and love and acceptance. Whatever happens, happens and I'm just happy to have my health and the love of my family and friends.

  • Show the people I love how much I actually love them. Show up when people need me. Plan fun things with friends. Don't hide so much in my anxiety. Be social, but know when to take time for myself.

  • Fall in love with yoga! Just do it. It's hard but just do it. 

  • Stay focused on health and true wellbeing. Eat great food, drink more water, stay happy and calm, meditate, journal, dive into developing my spirituality more.

  • Figure out a way to contribute to my family financially. I want to be an active contributor and participant in our financial future, however I might be able to. This is a big goal of mine. 

  • Keep loving on my animals as much as I can. They bring me so much joy, it's hard to explain.

  • Keep following my dreams, even if those dreams shift slightly. Stay focused and motivated and confident. There is more time in the day than I sometimes think there is, and I know I have the capacity to do great things if I set my mind to it (and limit Netflix, of course). 

  • Enjoy as much of it as I can!