Sunday Night Goals + Monday snapchats

By Kenza

Mondays, ugh. An audible noise that I emit when I wake up on Monday morning. Or at least I used to, I used to hate Monday because it was the beginning of the week and I didn't want any of that. 

(Me, dressing well on a Monday morning) (Yes, this is as good as it gets for me in snow)

I'm slowly changing the way I feel about Mondays. Sure it's not great that I have to get up a little earlier than I did on Sunday but when I've started doing something that really, really helps. 

I have started viewing each Monday like January 1st or the first day of the New Year. 

I'm making weekly goals for myself on Sunday night and setting myself up for a good week by cleaning my apartment on Sunday, doing a facial, a little light yoga, or painting my nails. Monotony kills me, I get bored really easily. So I tend to do things like get a new tattoo (only did this 3 times), cut my hair, get highlights, get a piercing, or something along those lines. So if I anticipate that and do small things like paint my nails a different color or try a new recipe I wont get as bored or stuck in a rut. 

My weekly goals that I wrote on Sunday are:

  • Do my dishes every night before bed 

  • Do all my reading for the week in a way that is enjoyable, so brew some tea or put on fuzzy socks or go to the library and enjoy it

  • Have breakfast everyday - I tend to not see breakfast as essential because I love sleep. So this week I will get up 30 minutes earlier and put some toast in my toaster and make myself a nice breakfast

  • Light yoga everyday this week !!! I WILL DO THIS

  • Manuka Honey facial twice this week (at some point, doesn't matter when I just need to do it because winter is hard on the skin)

These goals aren't enormous and maybe some of them don't even seem like goals. But I'm working on taking things one step at a time, and this is how I know how to do it. They work. I now get excited for Monday morning, I feel lucky that I get to go to an upper division political science class and talk about economies of scale and hegemonic powers and I didn't used to feel that way. It's extremely important to take a second every once in a while and appreciate the things around you. I complain about having so much reading and it's hard to keep up but the flip side to that is the fact that I get to learn all of these things, I get to have this much reading and I get to better myself in so many different ways at one time and it's such an amazing thing to be able to do everyday. I am so much more appreciative on Monday morning than I used to be because on Sunday night I write goals for the week and realize how lucky I am and it makes me a little bit happier. 

I write these goals with a cup of tea in my favorite mug from Cost Plus World Market, something on Netflix in the background, a candle lit, and most likely Binx (my cat) stealing my hair ties and running around the house like a psycho. 

* The above pictures are all snaps from my Monday - snapchat makes everything a little funnier for me.

I'm the type of person who never has everything together at one time (who is though, right?). But I look around sometimes and I see people who really seem to have everything together or at least the important things. Their hair is done, their reading is done and they have fully absorbed the material, their social life isn't complex, and they always smell good. I feel lucky when my yoga pants are clean and I manage to get out of the house with deodorant on both armpits. But that's part of who I am and I have decided that I'm going to stop expecting myself to be someone that I can't. I'm probably always going to be someone who is kind of sloppy and is proud of herself for remembering to stock toilet paper in her house. But I kind of like that about myself now, I'm learning so much just by writing goals and spending time alone. I used to get frustrated with myself for forgetting my tea in the kitchen or watching Netflix literally all day but hey that's who I am and I'm not going to beat myself up anymore.

Instead, I'm writing achievable goals every Sunday night that don't seem so bad because I only have to keep it together for a week and then I re-evaluate. I seriously recommend Sunday night goals and I'll post my them every week. Work/school week here I come!