February Survival

By Kenza

February, the month of Pisces, Valentines Day, and still -somehow- snow. 

*also Camilla's birthday I did not forget

* the above images are all snapchats from my climb out of mono. I went to Costco and got really excited about smoked salmon and strawberries (not together), in the other one I bathed and did a facial so my skin felt glow-y, then in the last I woke up one morning and realized there was a blizzard outside and I was less than excited about it. 

The thing about places where it snows - I have realized- is that February is COLD. In San Francisco (where I grew up) it was always pretty much the same temperature but you could absolutely go for a stroll outside at night in February. If you do that here your lips will freeze and peel off and you'll die and honestly I'm having a hard time with it. With mono, you can't do anything strenuous so no learning to ski for me this winter. I'm kind of bored and I feel like I sort of have cabin fever where I just keep googling tickets to Seattle for the weekend so that I can get out of here for a few days. Also I'm doing this weird thing where I talk to myself - like a lot. BUT I have decided that this February will not suck. It's my first alone V-Day in college but to be fair my first one in college I was so hungover I was crawling around my dorm begging for death (which did not come). Anyway I'm making a February to-do list so that I can get through and enjoy this mono-induced nightmare. 

1.) I will go watch more live music- the other day my friend took me to this bar where they have dueling pianos which was so fun and I listened to Eminem being played on the piano and it was one of the most unique experiences ever

2.) I will drink a huge glass of water right when I wake up in the morning 

3.) Wash my sheets every week (I hate washing my sheets)

4.) Light more candles - I feel like this gives a really cozy vibe to a house and I live alone so I can use all the cozy I can get 

5.) Drink more bubbly water. I love it. It makes me so happy and I'm not going to explain because I don't fully understand why I love it so much

6.) Visit home. My mom is getting hip surgery so ideally I'd like to see her at some point this month and it'd be nice to get out of the SLC air (inversion) 

7.) Slowly start working out again - with mono, you have to be really careful with what you do just in case you rupture your spleen which as it turns out is pretty important. So I'm going to start doing easy yoga again, go for walks in the snow and maybe start lifting light weights so my butt doesn't get all saggy for summer

8.) Snapchat more - it's hilarious and makes me so inordinately happy