Weekly Workout Check-In | 2/52

By Camilla


I'm actually not happy about this week. I'm glad I did some stuff, at least. I'm glad I fulfilled my Nike+ Training Club program workouts, but I felt like there were too many lazy days that I could have done better on. And looking back, I regret that I didn't put in at least 15 minutes of stretching, or a quick hike, or run or whatever on those days. We were traveling, which was tiring. Then my period started (and my period knocks me onto my ass for about 3 days before and after the start date), so I guess I should be proud that I did as much as I did. Oh well, already looking forward to a clean start next week!! Also, hello baby abs, are you coming back?? And how much do you love my new lululemon bra (got it on sale! free shipping!)? It keeps those puppies in place. OK, here we go...

What I did —

Friday: NOTHING — busy day/early meeting/should have done an ab set or stretched. Not sure why that's so hard for me to just put in 15 minutes or so before I go to bed. 

Saturday: Run 2.13 miles, hip hurt downhill instead of uphill which is weird. Probably from the 10000000 squats I did last week for NTC workouts. Cardio felt much much better. It's amazing how quickly things can start to feel comfortable. Still hard on the ice/snow.

Sunday: Hike (45 min)/NTC Dynamic Yoga (15 min)/NTC Alpha Abs (15 min). Felt strong. Loved it.

Monday: Germany for the day. Sat in a car for way too long and felt like crap. 

Tuesday: Hike (30 min)/NTC Sweat + Shape (30 min) — this is getting much, much easier for me. So much so that I can push each exercise and really try to focus on technique.

Wednesday: Run 2.13 miles. Forgot chapstick. Never doing that again.

Thursday: Planned on a hike but my killer cramps hit in the morning so I was out of commission most of the day. I did manage to get in the NTC Alpha Ab Set (15 min), which kills. Not enough for today.

Would have liked to get in one more run this week, but since I essentially took two days off it wasn't in the cards. Next week...

What I learned —

Stretching is really really important with running. Need to make actual long yoga sessions a priority.

I don't feel as good on days when I don't do any sort of activity. My goals include doing something active everyday, and some days it just doesn't work out, but I definitely feel it.

Side planks getting much, much better and it feels so good. And I can feel my crow pose forming. I think I really might be able to achieve that goal within the next 6 months. 

New motivation? I know I've been sleeping under a rock for like a decade but I've literally just discovered Dancing With The Stars and talk about motivation to get your body moving and fit and limber and all that good stuff. Man, so fun. 

I'm having some really intense sort of breakouts all over my body for whatever reason — maybe sweating? It's not fun and I hope it goes away soon

I tried really hard this week, despite being severely pre-menstrual to eat healthy, while still not being rude to people who invited us over. Smaller portions are the key. I did however eat 1.5 donuts this week because people kept bringing them to me. STOP IT, people. :)

Favorite Move: Squat hold — it burns so gooooood.

Least Favorite Move: Tricep dip. Literally fell on the ground while attempting to do a set this week. 

Jam of the week: Sorry by Justin Bieber (not sorry at all about it though). I've never been a huge fan of Justin Bieber, but this song as kept me going strong on my runs all week long. Thanks for that, little JB. Also this video? Look at those hot mamas moving their bodies like that! Talk about motivation...