Our ASOS Sale Picks!

We recently got a message in our inboxes alerting us to a killer ASOS sale. As a rule, ASOS has great prices and a beyond great selection, but when this many things are on sale for up to 70% off the original price, we get pretty excited. Camilla buys almost everything from ASOS, and they actually ship to her tiny cabin in mountains of Slovenia, and Kenza wore an ASOS dress to junior prom. So check out our picks! We love ASOS, obviously, but some of these prices are bonkers.

(Click images for links and hover for descriptions!)



ASOS is actually one of my favorite places to shop, mostly because they have a killer Tall section. It's the best I've ever seen actually. Being a 6'0 tall woman with a big booty isn't always easy. Finding clothes that work on my body without showing too much leg (or butt cheek) or without tugging in weird places is almost impossible. But I've had such good luck with ASOS and that makes me happier than I should probably admit. And just to note, I have those jeans pictured above and I really, really, really like them. Now just to add everything else to my wardrobe.



There are SO MANY THINGS on sale that it literally took me hours to find these particular pieces. I originally had like 50 favorites but I decided to narrow it down to these gems. It is winter for me right now over here in Utah and with that in mind, when we go out it's a lot about being practical. But these pieces I feel like would work really well no matter what time of year it is, which is saying a lot.