Weekly Workout Check-In | 1/52

by Camilla

What I did —

Friday: 2 hour hike, lots of steep hills, super invigorating and fun!

Saturday: NTC Hurricane (45 min), it was brutal - I can't wait to be able to do all of the exercises without wanting to cry with shame.

Sunday: NTC Dynamic Yoga (15 min) + 45 minute hike with Odin in the snow.

Monday: Played in the snow with Odin / REST DAY. It was a busy day but I wish I had done like a 15 minute ab set at night.

Tuesday: Ran 2.15 miles, in the snow (see above). It was below freezing, and I had to walk many times back uphill because it was slippery. But I did it! + NTC Sweat + Shape (30 min)

Wednesday: 45 minute hike with Odin, which was stressful because a new neighbor dog (un-neutered male) joined us and mistook Odin for a female and would not leave him alone. Odin wasn't happy and managing that "situation" was so hard.

Thursday: NTC Cardio Surge (45 min), again, so brutal. It's really hard to do these workouts in this tiny room I have but I shouldn't complain. At least I have a space to do it in. I should have done a walk today but I had to get up really early for a meeting after a really bad night's sleep so I took a nap instead. 

Notes — 

After beginning a Nike+ Training Club program (Get Lean: Beginner) last week, I was super sore. Like I couldn't get up off the couch without wincing. But I realized a light jog or hike really helps to loosen up those muscles.

I learned that running and hiking in the snow is much more challenging, and I should listen to my body and not get hurt by slipping.

We found out that Mr. Pudgy Pants Odin (also above) needs to lose some weight — he had a delicious holiday with lots of family and secret treat giving. So he's on this mission with me! I'm happy to have a buddy, especially a cute fluffy one.

I've been obsessed with hummus all week. I'll make sure to share my recipe next week. The secrets? Dried beans and not too much garlic. It's addicting.

Also, I want to note that this whole week, despite being relatively active, I felt like a whale. I know in order to see real results you have to keep it up for months and months and months, but I can't deny that it feels a little disheartening to look at yourself in the mirror and feel horrible. Just keepin' it real over here.

Favorite exercise of the week: squat jumps — they feel so good

Least favorite exercise of the week: side plank, I hate you.


And now my favorite part.

Pump-up song of the week: Cake by the Ocean by DNCE (um....Joe Jonas, is that you??)

Who is having a dance party right now?? I am!
See you next week.