Fun Finds: PopSockets

By Camilla

Guys, I have to share this with you. Maybe, like me, you follow too many young supermodels like Gigi Hadid on Instagram and noticed that she has this cool little handle on her phone. Maybe, like me, you absolutely hate having to death grip your phone while you try to read Buzzfeed articles. Maybe, like me, you read that Buzzfeed article about how people are getting dents in their fingers from holding their phones a certain way. And perhaps, also like me, you'd love to have a smoking hot picture of your husband holding your puppy at the beach with you at all times. 


The point is, I recently discovered PopSockets and immediately placed an order. International shipping and all. I was so excited when my little package arrived with my custom PopSocket and a PopClip that acts as a mount wherever I might need to mount my phone (like my car back in the states since I don't have GPS built in). But really, I am so hooked on this little button that pops in and out. It makes my phone so much easier to hold, and it takes selfies to another level, and we all need more selfies in this world. ;)

In addition to being a cool handle and grip for your phone, it also acts as a stand when you pop it out and stand your phone up sideways. And get this, you can wrap your earbuds around them to keep everything organized and untangled!! But on the most basic level, popping that thing in and out is seriously fun and addicting. I also just read on the website that these can be fixed to mirrors to hang jewelry. I can't get enough of this concept! So simple and so brilliant. 

PopSockets start at $8 (+$5 for a custom image). Build your own here