My Tips For Choosing a Wedding Dress

By Camilla

A recently engaged friend from college wrote to me asking me for my thoughts on wedding dress shopping. I get a lot of really incredible compliments on my dress, which surprises me because it's pretty unique. I responded with a giant essay (sorry Jana!) containing all my thoughts on what to consider when choosing a wedding dress. Turns out, I have quite a lot to say on the subject. So I thought I'd share it here, along with some more looks that I love. 

our wedding photos by The Manchiks

So here we go:

1. Go try on a bunch of dresses with an open mind. Don’t necessarily have a pre-set idea of what you want, because you might be surprised what you end up falling in love with. I initially wanted a black dress (!!) or something else very non-traditional, but changed my mind when I tried on a few white options and was sold when I tried on this short dress. I bought it right away and never looked back. It’s totally cool to save photos of things you love and things that inspire you, but as far as trying to re-create them exactly, that might leave you slightly frustrated if you don't end up finding exactly what you want.

2. Think out of the box and create your own look. My crystal bolero was actually part of another dress combination that I wasn’t so crazy about, but my brilliant mother negotiated to buy it on its own to go with my dress. All of the ladies in the shop were so surprised and loved the fact that nobody had ever worn that combination before. A truly unique ensemble

3. Consider a short dress because a.) they’re really fun and swingy, b.) you don’t have to worry about people stepping on them or tripping yourself c.) they’re less expensive, at least mine was, because, well, less fabric! and d.) you can rock a pair of killer shoes. I wore a pair that Kate Middleton used to always wear, by L.K. Bennett (find them here). They were simple, sexy, and comfortable and I wore them for years and years afterward until my dog destroyed them (still bitter about it). 


4. Find a good tailor so you’re not uncomfortable and tugging at things all day/night long. I felt so comfortable in my dress - I danced, drank lots of champagne, sang, and ran around with my friends.

5. And lastly a quick story. After our very small ceremony with friends and family, we were all having drinks before the main party started and all our guests arrived. A waitress accidentally spilled red wine near me and it actually got all over the side my dress. I’m not someone who cares much about that stuff in general, and now it makes me smile actually when I see the stain because it was such a fun night full of so many memories. My point is that as long as you feel beautiful and remember that the point of a wedding is to celebrate love and commitment and the jumping off point for a very exciting future, the rest of it is just icing on the wedding cake*. The dress should make you feel like yourself (happy, beautiful, and comfortable) so you can truly enjoy and remember every moment of the celebration!


* We didn't actually have a wedding cake. We had a croquembouche and it was so fab and so fun. 


And for some eye candy...