Weekly Workout Check-In 3/52

By Camilla

So, I made a decision that I'm only going to write down what I do daily for the first month of my workouts. I will still do weekly check-ins but without being so specific about what I'm actually doing. I read an article about how easy it is to become disordered about fitness — basically that it becomes sort of an addiction and it can ultimately stress you out more, and I can see that becoming a problem for me as far as it becoming a negative thing in my life. Keeping track like this is a great way to kickstart my workout journey and hold me accountable, but I want to make sure I stay balanced about it all in the long run. Plus I think it would be fun to switch up my check-in style each month. That being said, here's this week's check-in:

What I did — 

Friday: Hike (60 min). NTC Fire Drill (45 min) — super hard to motivate myself since I felt like crap all day (cramps, ya know). 

Saturday: Yoga (50 min) — finally motivated myself do to a real yoga session. I love Eoin Finn and I did his Easy Street session (need to start slow) in Pursuit of Happy Hips. My body thanked me for it later and I slept like a rock.

Sunday: 2.08 mile run on the road/back through the forest, which is much harder. Bor, our neighbor labrador, joined us and Odin was way too excited which made the run even harder for me. NTC Dynamic Yoga (15 min).

Monday: 2.13 mile run, it was so cold, holy moly. The cold is really starting to get to me. I'm not a natural runner and getting out there in 20 degree weather is really challenging.

Tuesday: NTC Sweat and Shape (30 min). I was planning on a hike as well, but the day got away from me and I'm not beating myself up over it.

Wednesday: 2.00 mile  forest run/hike. Ran about 1.4 miles and hiked uphill 0.6 miles. Again, the cold is a major bummer.

Thursday: Got 3 cavities filled (I have genetically soft teeth, don't judge me), and felt like garbage the rest of the day. Pushed my 45 minute NTC Dream Team workout until tomorrow. Drank a beer instead.

What I learned —

Yoga is so, so important. After I finally did a real session on Saturday I slept like a baby and my run didn't hurt at all the next day. I always enjoy it when I do it, it's just the motivating that seems so hard to do.

Still working on that crow pose. I've got one foot up but I'm terrified of hitting my head.

Water, water, water. Days go by and I realize I haven't even had a sip of water. It's not a good habit so I'm trying to get better about it. I used to be the queen of staying hydrated but it's pretty easy for things like that to change. 

In general, I had an easier time this week motivating myself to actually get my workouts done. Even on the days I really didn't WANT to do anything, I just did set aside some time and did it. 

Another trick I learned: when doing things like NTC workouts or stretching or ab sets, use it as a time to indulge a bit and put your favorite guilty pleasure TV show on while you do your workout. You'll actually start to look forward to your workout time because it means you get to see what corny things Ben the bachelor has said while still being productive.

One last thing: cavities suck and getting them filled put a real damper on my week.

Jam of the week: Lay it all on me by Rudimental feat. Ed Sheeran. Does anybody else just totally melt at the first sound of Ed Sheeran's voice?