Utah State Democratic Party: Internship

By Kenza

Well everyone, I have some cool belated news. This semester I'll be doing an internship with the Utah State Democratic Party, which is the headquarters for the democratic party here in Utah. Needless to say, I'm so excited and so far I absolutely love it. The office is so great, people are awesome and since it's an election year (yay!) it's buzzing over here. 

Living in Utah is really interesting because Salt Lake City is becoming this really progressive city with lots of college students and youth, and when you leave the city and enter the suburbs it's a whole different world. It's a beautiful state with such an interesting dynamic that learning and practicing politics here makes the experience incredibly unique. Don't get me wrong I spend my fair share of time in Lehi getting large sodas and sugar cookies (gotta adapt to the culture, right?) but there's something really cool about being 15 minutes outside of a rapidly progressing city and having the ideals almost completely switch.

Previously, I interned at City Hall in the Mayor's Office of Salt Lake City under (former) Mayor Ralph Becker. After this, I worked as a field organizer in his campaign for re-election with some really amazing people that connected me with an internship as a communications and finance intern here at the Utah State Democratic Party and I couldn't be happier. 

My intern responsibilities are as follows:

- Opposition research

- Donor research ($$$)

- Attending/Working the Legislative Gala (so fancy)

- Social media 

And I'm sure much more! I am so thrilled that this is where I get to spend my time and I love the atmosphere at the office. 

I'm going to be talking about outfits for internships in college in another post, however I wanted to touch on it here. 

When I was working in the Mayor's Office, I wore a pencil skirt/fitted high waisted trousers with heels and a button down or a tank top and a cardigan with a statement necklace everyday. I did not mess around, my philosophy in the work place is that if my shoes are flat, then my performance will be too. It keeps you on your toes, literally! I totally respect everyones choice to wear whatever shoe type they want, for me however if I am 100% comfortable I may get sleepy at my desk. Kind of a weird thing to realize about yourself but hey, what can you do?

I will leave you with this one nugget of advice for starting an internship/new job in a professional environment:

If you are not sure how the office dresses, show up a little more business professional than business casual on the first day. Worst case scenario, people will appreciate your professionalism and you can always 'casual' the outfit down by taking your hair down or unbuttoning your blazer. It is not as easy to 'professional' the outfit up if you're wearing skinny jeans, booties and a casual shirt.  

South Coast Joggers - Anthropologie 

South Coast Joggers - Anthropologie 

On my first day I wore:

  • A black long sleeved cashmere pullover that Camilla gave me years ago

  • South Coast Joggers in Navy from Anthropologie (link to the left)

  • Seychelles light blue heels with a bow on the back and a thick heel

Moral of the story: You do not need to buy a whole new outfit for your first day, you'd be surprised what a cool pair of heels and a long sleeve black shirt can do for you!