The Salem Girls

Camilla Salem

Traditional & Slightly Neurotic

I'm Camilla, the older one. I'm 28, married, with a dog and two cats. I live in rural Slovenia in tiny cabin while my hot husband trains for the 2016 Olympics (he's a swimmer). I graduated from Berkeley, went on to do a bunch of random things, and I'm currently in the process of taking the MCAT and applying to medical school. I like to cook and grow good food, bake bread, watch Downton Abbey, make lists, take my dog on hikes, daydream of my future home, and think too much about the meaning of life. 

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kenza salem

Informal & Straight Forward

My name is Kenza. Iā€™m 8 years younger than Camilla, I live in Salt Lake City and my black cat is my best friend. I love green juice, french fries, hiking, writing, salt water, binge watching Vikings and dark nail polish. I am a firm believer in the power of reinventing myself and I tend to run away from my problems. I am extremely emotional and I listen to Adele on blast without being even a little sorry about it. My philosophy is that everyone needs to relax and take a nap. 

If you haven't figured it out yet, we're sisters, born 8 years apart. Camilla likes to constantly remind anyone and everyone that she used to change Kenza's diapers. Kenza doesn't find it quite as amusing. We love all animals, some people, different cultures, and we both seem to be incredibly opinionated (blame our parents). So we created this space to unload some of those opinions, along with hopes, dreams, vices, and whatever else might end up here.