We’ve got a lot to say, so we figured we should say it here.

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Camilla Dugonjic

Give me a warm fire and an episode of Downton Abbey and I’ll call everything just right.

I’m married to the best human I know. I’m the mama to a beautiful daughter that is full of life and passion and intensity, who honestly scares me a little. I live on Bainbridge Island and we are building a home while we work full-time jobs (me: marketing, him: construction) and navigate toddler parenting. Odin is our Icelandic Sheepdog. Loki and Sofia are our cats that we rescued.

We also own a tiny cabin in the Slovenian countryside and it’s my favorite place in the world.

I’m a walking, talking work-in-progress and I’ll never ever stop self-analyzing or trying to be better in every way.



Kenza Salem

Okay I am really struggling to write this bio because I feel like I have too many things to say. So this is what I’m doing instead:

  • favorite thing to bake: any kind of tart

  • favorite season: fall

  • favorite book: Pride and Prejudice

  • favorite historian: Ruth Goodman

  • favorite century: 18th

  • favorite place: anywhere in front of the ocean but I firmly believe I’d be happiest on a farm in the Highlands of Scotland (not entirely because of Outlander but honestly it’s a little because of Outlander).

I’m currently living with my family on Bainbridge Island and I like period dramas and slow cooking.